GPS for Google Earth

GPS for Google Earth

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"GPS navigation system based on the free Google Earth version"
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GPS for Google Earth

If you have a GPS receiver, such as a so-called GPS mouse or a GPS USB dongle, you don't need to invest into a full navigational system, as here we present the product called GPS for Google Earth.

GPS for Google Earth works with any GPS receiver providing NMEA support, which is the case for all commercially available receivers so we won't go into further explanations about this.

Now, this software isn't restricted to a manufacturer and the connection can be established in a variety of ways, including cable, USB or Bluetooth.

GPS for Google Earth will convert the free Google Earth version into a GPS navigation system you can use on your laptop or notebook. It will show and track your own GPS position at any time, no matter if it's day or night, rainy or foggy, as long as your GPS receiver is transmitting data.

So, now you can record your worldwide movements and play these GPS logs back as animations. You have your GPS navigation system.

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Version 3.0
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