DJ Pro 3.6.4
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"A feature-rich and versatile audio and video mixing application"
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The product presented here is called FutureDecks. The download actually contains the demo version of FutureDecks DJ Pro, a program the DJs among you might appreciate.

It’s a feature-rich and versatile application enabling not only audio, but also video and suitable for karaoke transitions as well.

Some of FutureDecks’s features are: automix functionality, video previewing, automatic BPM detection, four decks, smart sync capability, key and beat matching, among others. The feature-list is too exhaustive to further mention it.

So, if you’re interested in VJ-ing or DJ-ing, hit the download button and install this dedicated application to give it a try. As such you’ll be able to discover yourself its possibilities and evaluate if it’s your kind of mixing tool and what you can actually achieve with it.

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Version DJ Pro 3.6.4
License Demonstration
On Site Since 5/August/2011
Last Update 19/March/2015
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Compatible Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7