FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter

FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter

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"Intuitive application to convert AMR files into the popular MP3 format"
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FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter

Looking for an alternative to pass your AMR files to the most popular format?

FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter is the ideal program to convert AMR files into the MP3 format. It includes an easy-to-use set of tools that will allow simple conversions.

The program´s interface is very intuitive, as it shows all options and information clearly. In fact, the conversion process only takes a bit of time, it´s simple, you only have to select one of the four conversion profiles available in order to obtain the quality of your preference, then indicate the output path and click the “Convert” button.

By converting any of your AMR files into MP3, you will be able to take them in your MP3 players, an iPod or other portable devices capable of carrying media to any place. So just think about the benefits you can get with FreeStar AMR MP3 Converter.

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Version 1.0.7
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