Free Youtube MP3 Converter

Free Youtube MP3 Converter

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"Free Youtube MP3 Converter | The easiest way to get your favorite YouTube music"
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Free Youtube MP3 Converter

Free Youtube MP3 Converter is a free program to download music videos from YouTube and save them as MP3 music.

YouTube is by far one of the most popular websites at the time of writing. It was created in 2005 as a video-sharing website and acquired by Google one year later. Since, it has been constantly growing, allowing users to upload, view and share videos.

When we say videos, we also say videoclips, referring to music videos in particular. Now, that’s where the download offered here, called Free Youtube MP3 Converter, comes in at play.

Download your favourite music videos with Free Youtube MP3 Converter

Just like many online streaming services annex websites, YouTube doesn’t readily provide download functionality. As such, it’s not possible to simply download your favourite videos or videoclips to watch them again at a later time without the need to be connected to the internet. As such, it’s also obviously not possible to download the audio from the videos, hence no option is provided to keep only the music of your preferred music videoclips.

So, you need to recur to an application such as Free Youtube MP3 Converter to be able to download content provided on YouTube. As its name indicates, it’s a freeware application aimed specifically at YouTube. Furthermore, it clearly indicates its ability to convert YouTube material to the digital audio MP3 file format. The latter has become a standard for digital music aimed at the normal consumer, offering an acceptable quality and supported by many devices, from CD players to car stereos.

Free Youtube MP3 Converter can batch convert files

Let’s enter into the details of Free Youtube MP3 Converter functionality. It is capable of automatically detecting a YouTube Flash Video (FLV) file Universal Resource Locator (URL), as well as not only download but simultaneously convert. With this application you’ll be capable of selecting three sampling rates for the MP3s that will be created at 40-bit rates and in two channels.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for one item to be processed before dealing with the next one as Free Youtube MP3 Converter features support for batch converting multiple FLV files at once. Moreover, preview functionality is also provided, which can be called before starting the encoding process, the latter offering you the option to encode FLV files into custom file sizes which might be required by your portable MP3 player.

Conclusion about Free Youtube MP3 Converter

YouTube is a very famous site where you can find videos covering a broad range of subjects. Many applications will offer you YouTube download functionality, but what if you’re only interested in the soundtrack?

Free Youtube MP3 Converter is an efficient application that sets itself apart for its capacity to download and save online videos from YouTube in the universally supported MP3 format. It offers a simple and intuitive graphical interface suitable for the novice, but as a matter of fact, this application only requires you to indicate the video URL to magically end up with the MP3 file.

So, if interested in this easy and free program to download your favourite music from YouTube, hit the download right now.

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