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"Small but versatile email client for Windows"
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If you want a program to help you manage your emails and organize your contacts, but you don’t like complicated utilities, then you should give this application a try. Foxmail is a small and easy-to-use email client developed by Chinese students, but supported and maintained by Tencent since 2005. Foxmail is an excellent email client that, despite being very lightweight, includes a lot of useful features for managing your emails.

Foxmail gives you easy access to your mailbox, allows you to send emails to a single or multiple recipients, organizes messages into categories or folders and makes it easy to create, edit and group contacts. It even includes a calendar in which you can schedule appointments, and you can also use it as a RSS feed reader. What is more, Foxmail supports Outlook messages, Exchange accounts, and even mailbox encryption to keep your messages confidential.

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License Freeware
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Last Update 23/August/2013
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Compatible Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista