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"Design your own photo albums and order their printing"
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Fotoprix Fotolibro

Fotoprix Fotolibro is a special program you can use in order to make an album out of your best digital photos. Thanks to its options and features, you can design photo albums to your likes and customize them as you wish.

The program can also handle the entire process of photo albumsĀ“ creations. So, you can pretty much choose between doing it by yourself with templates of your preference or else let Fotoprix Fotolibro take care of everything for you. By the way, on its nicely designed interface you will find several templates ready to be used, besides of many customization options.

Fotoprix Fotolibro is a program that outstands for the simplicity it works with. All tasks can be executed by just dragging dropping images onto its interface.

Once your cool photo albums are done, you can use the program to order their impression in a diversity of formats and receive them at home after a few days.

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License Freeware
On Site Since 27/April/2010
Author Fotoprix
Last Update 27/March/2013
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Compatible Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP