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"Professionally designed and complete flight simulator"
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If you want to know what it feels like to fly the skies, here we offer one of the best PC simulators. Flightgear is a flight simulator, which has a complete range of features easily comparable to other outstanding flight simulators.

It allows you to choose between three primary flight dynamics simulation models: YASim, JSBSim and UIUC, which have been carefully and professionally developed. You can add new dynamic models o the range of already provided air frames. This flight simulator offers the possibility of creating airplane models, but already it includes a Wright Flyer created in 1903 (the first airplane), a Boeing 747 and some military airplanes. The airplane's cabins are detailed to provide you with the most accurate controls and information.

You will enjoy an extensive and detailed database of sceneries from the entire world, such as cities, rivers and other landscape elements. Flightgear incorporates more than 20.000 airports, which have been designed with every type of detail, such as approximation lights. This flight simulator is ideal for academic and investigation purposes.

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