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"Clean up and defragment your hard drive regularly"
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So, you might have decided it's time to take care of some computer maintenance. Whatever the reason, it's considered good practice and your system can only benefit from it. Now, you might be looking for a free program that will get you started and takes care of basic cleaning and defragmentation. As such, we here present the free product called FixBee.

With FixBee you will be able to keep your hard drive organized. Your operating system doesn't save your data in an ordered way, as such your computer will need more time to sort through the disordered data. This is where the defragmentation function of this utility will remedy that situation.

But, before deframgenting, getting rid of junk and left overs should be taken into account. This utility is also capable of that.

Last but not least, it allows for maintenance jobs to be scheduled.

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