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"Football game with incredible features and more realistic graphical aspects"
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FIFA 10 is an advanced version of a widely known video game, that has probably become the best football game available on the market. Created by Electronic Arts (EA), this exciting and realistic title will make you live football from your PC as if you were really playing it in a stadium.

The game features one of the best changes: the new 360 degree control. Now, all the players will not just be able to move in eight different directions, but they will move in whichever way you want them to turn. That way you will have a more precise control, better flexibility and more possibilities for getting creative.

Next to that, FIFA 10 will amaze you with the physical characteristics of all players. Improvements are made in various aspects, such as weight and height, so that you can differentiate one player from another at the time of passing the ball. This will reduce confusions organizing tactics. Dribbling looks pretty cool and all actions performed by the players are more natural. The new assistant manager may be used to line up the team and rotate according to the type of the upcoming match. What's more, precision at the time of shooting has also been enhanced, allowing you to point exactly where you want the ball to go.

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