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"Build the strangest facilities on another planet"
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When it comes to the production of deliverables, a lot of aspects get involved. Of course you will need the raw materials, but also energy, machinery, manufacturing lanes and other things need to be taken into account. In Factorio you’ll get the opportunity to use your creativity to set up your production centre on an alien planet.

You will need to constantly monitor the entire process and if something breaks, you’ll need to intervene as soon as possible. In each level you play, new goal needs to be achieved, and as such it will be necessary to investigate new techniques.

Furthermore, the competition, being of extraterrestrial origin, is quite literally killing, so you’ll have to keep that in mind too.

So, here you have Factorio, a game including many different elements, making it very challenging as well as entertaining.

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Version 0.9.8
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