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"Digital alternative for your sticky Post-it notes"
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Who doesn't know Post-it Notes, maybe not by name, but you surely have seen or used those little yellow, or any colour, pads of sticking on some peoples screens. They changed the world as to how people leave reminders. Times are changing though, so maybe an digital version of these sticky notes should be considered, especially when you're a heavy user and get layers covering your monitor.

eToDo Notes is exactly the digital alternative, coming with an aggregated value, as you can not only store any information like with the traditional paper-based notes, but now you also have a customizable alarm system for each note at your disposition, web addresses and emails are automatically recognized, and you will be able to quickly sort your notes as well.

Last but not least, eToDo Notes give you notes that are fully customizable, their positions, sizes, fonts used, colours, and so on.

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Author Onice Soft
Last Update 19/August/2015
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