EMCO Remote Administration

EMCO Remote Administration
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"Facilitate remote administration and deployment"
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EMCO Remote Administration

System administrators and technicians in charge for the computers in a LAN might want to read on, as here we present a product called EMCO Remote Administration, formerly known as EMCO Network Management, but with the name change also come superior features.

EMCO Remote Administration is a utility aimed at remote deployment, as such it is a network administration tool facilitating the execution of scripts and packages, including EXE, BAT, MSI, CMD, VBS and JS.

This might be interesting for unattended service packs' installations as well as for implementing hotfixes.

Among its features you'll find one-click LAN scanning for available machines and domains, gathering of detailed asset information, advanced scheduling, macro scripting functionality, filtering, performance management, and many more.

To find out more of this product's capabilities, download it now.

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