EAC Exact Audio Copy

EAC Exact Audio Copy

1.0 Beta1
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"Copy your music CDs to your computer and other devices"
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EAC Exact Audio Copy

You surely have various music CDs collected over the years, and now you have this brand new smartphone, tablet, or any other device capable of reproducing music on the road. Chances are you would like to be able to enjoy your favourite CDs on that device, but they have no CD tray. So what can you do about this?

EAC Exact Audio Copy is a software that will let you make a digital copy of your CD onto your computer and you can have your music saved in various formats your devices most-likely support.

This version of Exact Audio Copy includes CDRDAO and Flac packages, the latter being a lossless audio compression format, which means there will be no audio quality loss, and this format is being supported more and more by the newer devices.

There is a plug-in available to retrieve CD metadata from an online database, so the CD information like titles and artists, as well as the CD cover image, can be embedded in your newly created files and this information might be displayed by your players.

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Version 1.0 Beta1
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