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"Software to track time and set the execution of tasks at a certain time"
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e-Counter is a software that allows you to manage time and execute programs after a certain amount of time. This software is especially useful for tasks that needs to be done after a determined time without an user input. For example, you will be able to play WAV and MP3, shutdown, hibernation, use pop up texts or play a Flash-animation. To use the animation features, you should download the plug in.

e-Counter is password protected and it can't be disable, shut down or logged out off before the fixed time. This will be very useful in schools, companies and business to keep track of the time of your computers. If you need your employee to only have access to internet until certain time the software will be able to close the internet traffic when the given time has elapsed.

Graphically you will be able to change the skin of your e-Counter with the skin editor, allowing the development of new themes for this useful software.

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Version 5.0.2009
License Freeware
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