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"DivX Plus | Enjoy high-definition movies with surround sound"
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DivX Plus

The freeware download offered here is called DivX Plus. DivX is a brand of video codec products and the DivX codec has gained popularity for its ability to significantly compress lengthy video source material while preserving high visual quality. Hence, you can enjoy high-quality video from smaller sized video files compressed with this codec. Such files can be downloaded from the internet for example.

DivX Plus is a pack with essential utilities for your DivX enjoyment

DivX Plus is actually a package containing several enhancements that will facilitate enjoying High-Definition (HD) DivX files and more. DivX has become an often-used video format due to the fact it results in excellent image quality files, even though the video source material has been compressed to have lighter weight annex size.

Nowadays DivX is more than just a codec and as such we can say DivX Plus is a DivX studio for playback and much more.

DivX Plus includes a codec pack with everything needed to enjoy videos in formats like DivX, Xvid, AVI and MKV, using third-party programs. It might solve compatibility problems your favourite media player may have with some of these formats, and by using DivX Plus you’ll surely have less error messages indicating a codec is missing, at least when concerned to the ones supported by this codec pack.

You will also find a video library manager that can organize files in multiple ways and it also encompasses a redesigned converter that makes it easy to adjust settings and to convert videos to the most popular formats, including WMV, MKV, MOV and AVI, among others.

Worth mentioning is also the fact that by using this tool you can combine multiple video files into a single DivX file and add external subtitles to it as well.

The DivX Plus contains a dedicated and versatile video player

Among other tools, DivX Plus also encompasses a player that performs precise playbacks of DivX videos including high definition DivX Plus (MKV) and H.264/AAC files you might have downloaded from the internet. Not only that, but files in formats like AVI, MP4 or MOV can also be played with it.

Furthermore, the player introduces the new DivX to go feature, which allows burning your DivX videos to discs or saving them on USB devices, making you capable of watching them in all DivX Certified® DVD players, mobile phones, consoles and others.

Moreover, the DivX Plus Web Player makes the playback of high definition DivX and MKV videos from your web browser possible.

Now improved, it allows playback in full screen mode without decreasing quality and it also features support for multiple subtitle formats and audio tracks. You will even be able to save videos using this web player for later playback.

Conclusion about DivX Plus

DivX Plus is a versatile video player and more, aimed at providing you the tools to effectively work with DivX and enjoy material provided that requires this codec. The free download includes the player, web player, converter, among others.

Download it now to start using it and to find out all the details about what’s in the DivX Plus pack.

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