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"The most efficient way to handle databases"
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If you are a database administrator or if you are starting your first database project, then this software will come very handy. DBDesigner is a powerful visual system to design, model, create and maintain databases. This powerful application is at the same level of Oracle's Designer, IBM's Rational Rose, or any other database designer, but it is completely open source. This means it is not only free, but the source code is also available for everybody to edit: you can create and add your own additional features into the program.

DBDesigner has been optimized for another great open source software package, the MySQL-Database, by including specific MySQL features to make the database design more efficient. Some other interesting features of this professional application are the reverse engineering engine, that allows you to retrieves a model from a existing database, and the wide range of modeling tools and editors. There is also a synchronization function that automatically applies model changes to the underlying database. DBDesigner features two working modes: Design Mode and Query Mode. You can use the Design Mode to create and maintain the databases model, and the Query Mode to work with table data and create the query statements.

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