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"Have your user actions safely hidden on your computer"
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The product presented here is called COVERT Pro. You probably know spyware is all over the internet and if you’re concerned about your privacy annex security, you might be interested in the dedicated anti-spyware solution COVERT Pro is. It ensures total privacy while working on your personal computer, avoiding your secrets, such as the sites you visited or your confidential correspondence, account credentials, email and other passwords, and so on, to become known by others.

As a matter of fact, this application will safely hide all the actions of all users on the computer it is installed. That includes programs such as office software, email clients, messengers and browsers, among others.

So, if interested in this privacy solution, consider proceeding to the demo download to evaluate it and should you be interested in its portable version, that one is also available elsewhere on Winportal as COVERT Pro USB.

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