Cooking Academy

Cooking Academy

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"Have fun cooking and learning about food"
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Cooking Academy

The product presented here is called Cooking Academy. As a matter of fact, it’s a video game belonging to the simulators category.

Alongside this review we also provide preview images and these depict some screenshots of Cooking Academy. As you can see, it consists of an attractive and user-friendly graphical user interface suitable for any kind of user.

In this game you’ll find yourself in a prestigious culinary school’s kitchen where you’ll not only learn to master the skills of kneading, chopping, frying, flipping and mashing, among others, but also interesting things about food.

You’ll have to prepare over fifty different recipes, including pancakes and egg rolls to name some. By passing the cooking courses annex exams successfully new recipes as well as trophies can be unlocked.

Are you ready to cook? Well, if you are, proceed to the download.

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Version 1.0
License Demonstration
On Site Since 9/February/2015
Author Alawar
Last Update 16/June/2015
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Language English (GB) Russian
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Requirements DirectX