Combined Community Codec Pack

Combined Community Codec Pack

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"Pack that brings essential multimedia codecs, media players, filters and more"
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Combined Community Codec Pack

Nowadays, there are several codecs essential for certain multimedia file´s playback. So, if you have some issues at the time of watching some movies or listening to your favourite music from your computer, here we present a good alternative to solve the problem.

Combined Community Codec Pack is a collection of codecs necessary for the successful playback of the most popular multimedia files. By installing this pack, you will get rid of some playback inconveniences.

This codec pack does not limit itself to only provide your PC with essential codecs, but it is also capable of avoiding conflicts with the rest of codecs already installed in your computer. In case of detecting a conflictive component, which usually comes from other packs, it asks if you wish to disable it.

Moreover, this pack includes media players like Zoom Player Standard and Media Player Classic Homecinema, besides of some filters and useful components.

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