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"CCleaner | Clean and speed up with your PC with this free optimization tool"
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CCleaner is an award-winning PC optimization tool designed to clean and speed up your computer with only a couple of clicks, and here you can download it for free.

With CCleaner you can easily and quickly find and remove junk files, repair registry errors, manage applications and startup entries, search for duplicate files, securely erase the contents of a drive, and a lot more. Basically, CCleaner will boost the performance of your computer and make it run like it was brand new.

A computer with less errors and crashes

Over time the Windows registry can become cluttered with broken entries and errors, leading to system crashes. This can be caused by applications that did not uninstall correctly, misconfigurations, system corruption, malware and others.

Now, CCleaner is one of the best – if not the best – at scanning and and solving registry issues, namely missing shared DLLs, obsolete registry keys, unused file extensions, broken application paths, and so on.

Only three clicks are needed to completely fix your registry. One to initiate the scan, after which you will be presented with a list of all the errors and problems encountered; one to backup the registry before making changes, which is optional; and one for actually fixing the registry.

Regain disk space and enjoy a safer browsing experience

Web browsers store a lot of data. Not only they keep temporary files longer than they should, which take up a lot of space – specially if they are videos – but they also keep information regarding your online behavior and browsing habits in the form of cookies. Tons of online services, like advertisers for example, can read the data stored in these cookies and as such have access to your personal information, which can be considered a privacy breach.

CCleaner can quickly delete all these temporary files taking up disk space, as well as cookies, browsing history, clean the cache and download history and basically anything that can be used to track you down.

Manage your applications and make your computer faster

You probably have noticed that now your computer takes more time to be ready to use than when it was brand new. Apart from registry errors, this can also be caused by all the applications you have installed and that are set to run at system startup. One of those applications could be, for example, Skype, which is by default set to start when you boot your system, but maybe you don't use Skype on a daily basis, and even then, you can start it manually at a later time.

Well, CCleaner will show you all the programs that are set to run at system startup and lets you disable them with only one click. Don't worry, this won't affect the performance of your applications, it will only make your computer faster.

Lots of extra tools and features

So far we have covered all the main features of CCleaner, but there is more. This versatile computer optimization solution can also show computer hardware and software details such as operating system, processor and RAM memory, it can also search for duplicate files, securely erase the contents of a drive, lets you easily manage your System Restore points, and a lot more.

So, what are you waiting for? Download CCleaner, it is free!

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