BDlot DVD ISO Master

BDlot DVD ISO Master
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"The only freeware which is capable to work with ISO"
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BDlot DVD ISO Master

BDlot DVD ISO Master is an excellent tool to burn you data from your DVD to a ISO file. With this program you are able to copy all your information from your ISO to your DVD. This program is able to disable some protections, such as Disney X, DVD, CPRM, CPPM, APPS, Rip Guard and more. It is an excellent tool to make a backup with the advanced ISO format.

The ISO format lets to make an identical copy of the DVD; CD or Flash USB to a file. This used ISO format creates a big file of all the content and then burns this to a DVD or copies it to the hard drive. BDlot DVD ISO Master also allows you to set an encryption to secure your information. It is able to make the procedure of burning without changing the size of the file and it also runs very fast. So this program is an ideal tool to safeguard all the data you have on an optical data-carrier.

Why you want to do this? That's simple: How many CD's and DVD's have you thrown away, because the were too scratched to work? That's why! Next to that most games need the game disc in the optical station to be able to run. With the ISO-copy of this DVD some games will accept this as a 'virtual optical drive'. So Bdlot DVD ISO Master will make this possible for you too

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