BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate
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"An excellent tool to burn, copy and make backups"
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BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is a tool to copy, burn and make backups. With this program you are able to clone a DVD to another DVD. It is also possible to make a entire copy of a DVD to your hard drive. If you have an external hard disc, but you want to feel secure with your data, you can make a backup on a DVD. This is an excellent technique in case your external hard drive breaks down: you'll have all your information in your DVD.

You want to burn a DVD, but there is a protection. Bdlot DVD Clone Ultimate has the right tool to  remove that protection. During the cloning process the optical medium will be copied sector per sector, so the new disc has exactly the same information as the original. The only thing that will be missing is this nasty protection.
With this application is also possible to make a full backup from DVD to a USB drive. It is also possible to store this image-file or the data to a hard-disc. Hereby most of the times you will use an ISO-file, but you can choose for other forms too. So if you work with DVD's and your data is the most important, this program fits you.
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