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"Powerful drum application and plug-in for your music productions"
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Battery 3 is one of the most important drum plug-ins for music production, and also available as a standalone application. Native Instruments has met our expectations with the third version of this professional tool. It has a user-friendly interface that will allow you to manage its extensive features with just a little intuition.

Open Battery 3 in your music production software and add the percussion you prefer to your songs. This program includes a large library in which to choose from electronic and powerful drums to acoustic kits. There are a lot of different kinds of drums and percussion, including latin sounds, ethnics, and so on. External drum kits will be compatible with this plug-in.

Once you have chosen the sounds you want to work with, it's time to begin to production. Battery 3's interface is displayed by cells in which to place your sounds. You can assign a key from your MIDI keyboard to each one of your sounds, so you'll preview those sounds by playing them on your keyboard. Apply your settings individually or by groups. There are also own production filters that will let you equalize, compress, humanize, and other options to obtain a professional drum sounds.

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Author Native Instruments, Inc.
Last Update 4/March/2015
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