avast! Internet Security

avast! Internet Security

2015 10.2.2218
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"An effective firewall, antivirus and antispam to fully protect your PC"
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avast! Internet Security

Avast Internet Security is a one of the most effective internet security suites on the market, which will fully protect your computer from all existing types of threats. Its power is due to a variety of new and enhanced key technologies.

The New Avast Sandbox has the ability of running web browsers, suspicious executables and exploitable programs in a safe virtual environment.

With the improved Antivirus and Antispyware Engine your PC will be protected from dangerous threats such as spywares, viruses, adwares and others. A New Heuristics Engine has capacity to proactively detect undetectable malwares with normal definitions.

Network connections are automatically detected thanks to the Silent Firewall, which allows defining rules to block or allow programs. You can also create a white list for friendly networks.  

With the real time Anti-Rootkit Protection all rootkits will be detected and stopped before they can cause any damages in your PC.

Avast Internet Security features nine exceptional shields with different capabilities.

The Behaviour Shield monitors activity in your PC using a variety of sensors to report and block suspicious behaviours. Thanks to the File System Shield, opened and executed files will be scanned in real time. The Mail Shield is capable of scanning all incoming and outgoing emails looking for malwares. All visited web pages are scanned by the Web Shield, which also checks downloaded files, Java scripts and pages. The smart IM Shield scans all files downloaded through instant messaging programs (support for a large list of IM apps.). The Network Shield protects your PC from network-based viruses.

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Version 2015 10.2.2218
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