ATI Omega Drivers

ATI Omega Drivers

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"Excellent pack of drivers for ATI Radeon cards"
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ATI Omega Drivers

ATI Omega Drivers is an excellent pack of drivers for ATI Radeon cards, which has the advantage of being compatible with all the models currently available on the market. This useful pack of drivers is based on the ATI Catalyst drivers. It is designed to offer an optimal alternative to the driver provided by the manufacturer, all thanks to optimizations and extra features that will boost your Radeon card.

With the optimizations included in ATI Omega Drivers you will get a better performance than with the original driver. We can mention the possibility of rotating the screen 90 or 180 degrees, creating profiles for 3D configuration based in Direct3D or OpenGL, etc.

ATI Omega Drivers is compatible with almost all Radion cards, so it is really worth it to check your system to see if you have a compatible graphics processor. If so, we highly suggest you try this application to see what's really possible to get out of your video. You will see that games run more fluently and movies are displayed more clearly.

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