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Arovax AntiSpyware

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"Protect your PC´s system with two modes to detect and delete spywares and adware"
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Arovax AntiSpyware

If your PC is connected to the internet, as millions of people, you may know about spywares and other malicious software. Only 5 minutes of internet surfing are necessary for these malwares to harm your computer and act in different ways.

However, if you don´t count on a reliable protection for your system yet then you are in constant danger, but fortunately Avorax AntiSpyware is available for everyone.

This program has been designed to detect a large list of spywares and adwares that aim to infect your computer through the internet. It effectively searches and finds these malwares using high detection ratio and two Analysis Modes: The Quick scan to effectively detect spywares and others in a snap. The second mode is the Deep scan for a powerful detection. After performing one of these, it proceeds to completely remove detected malwares from your PC.

By the way, Avorax AntiSpyware is pretty simple, so everyone will easily follow it and visualize detailed information about everything detected.

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Version 2.1.153
License Freeware
On Site Since 3/May/2010
Author Arovax Software
Last Update 15/July/2013
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