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"Ares | Versatile P2P file-sharing and download solution"
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The freeware download offered here is called Ares. Ares is an Ares Galaxy release, being an open-source P2P file sharing application. P2P stands for peer-to-peer and refers to the decentralised network model used. In 2002 it started as a spin off from Gnutella, the first P2P network and more than a decade later it’s used by millions to share and download files of any type.

Ares, a complete P2P download client that even supports torrent files

Ares has become one of the most complete and popular peer-to-peer programs to download files of any type, including multimedia, applications, ebooks, and so on.

By installing the free P2P client Ares you’ll give access to a very large file sharing community which is still growing on a daily basis. Its popularity has grown thanks to the speed and its outstanding range of features. As such, it provides its users with an intuitive graphical user interface which will enable easily finding and downloading images, video, audio, games, applications, and others.

Ares also features support for the BitTorrent protocol, hence it can be used to download torrents. The latter has become a standard file sharing protocol over the last years. As such, when using this application you’ll no longer need a separate BitTorrent client.

Ares, an easy-to-use solution for both beginners and experienced computer users

Ares is kind with beginners, as there is no need for complex configurations in order to start downloading. Actually, it is pretty easy to use because you just have to go to the Search tab where you can enter search terms for the file you’d like to download.

Once the results of your query are displayed you simply double-click on the desired items and the download will begin. You’ll be able to download multiple files simultaneously and can check their progress on the dedicated Transfer tab.

Furthermore, while files are downloading, you’ll be capable of using the program’s Preview screen to make sure that you are getting the files you are expecting, like when looking for a specific video for example.

Ares furthermore provides options to adjust the screen according to your preferences and if you like meeting people online you might be pleased to know it also features a Chat tab with hundreds of available channels where you can find other users. You can as such chat with them as well as share files. The chat functionality features support for emoticons and creating a favourite channels list as well. But that’s not all, Ares even features radio listening functionality and it allows you also to surf the internet without having to leave the application as it encompasses a built-in web browser.

Conclusion about Ares

If you’ve been looking for a dedicated peer-to-peer download solution, Ares might be an excellent choice as it is not only easy to use, but comes with a wide range of features.

So, if interested in this versatile application, proceed to the free download now.

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