Analyzer Recording

Analyzer Recording
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"Record a window’s image when modifications occur"
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Analyzer Recording

The product belonging to the video category presented here is called Analyzer Recording. As a matter of fact, it’s a capture tool that will enable you to capture an image from any application window. What is special about Analyzer Recording is that it will start recording only when the condition is met that the specified image appears to be modified.

Note that the resulting recording will be in the standard AVI video file format and that this application is completely compatible with DirectDraw-capable video cards and it will furthermore use this technology annex hardware capability whenever possible.

What’s more, Analyzer Recording will write a frame’s time mapped in the video clip’s title.

So, if this sounds like an interesting application to you, consider taking a look at the details of its graphical user interface as shown on the posted screenshots and proceed to the download to evaluate it.

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