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AKVIS Retoucher

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"Restore old photos and improve your images"
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AKVIS Retoucher

Have you got old photos that have been damaged? Do you have images that you wish to remove objects from? If so, then you will find the following program quite useful. AKVIS Retoucher is an application that is able to restore old photos, reconstruct missing parts of your images, remove large and complex objects, and can improve the layout of the picture.

AKVIS Retoucher is able to remove any defects from your photos, such as scratches, stains and creases. The application uses the area around a damage to be able to reconstruct a missing part. All of this is very easy to do, simply select the areas that you want to fix and press the [Run] button. The program will automatically do all the work for you and you will see the flaws of the image disappear in just a few seconds.

AKVIS Retoucher also can be used to improve the layout of your image. It can remove unnecessary objects that have got in the way of the picture, including cars and other people. You can remove small details from the photo, such as date stamps and small objects. This useful utility is able to bring the main object into the center of the screen by proportionally increasing the size of one of the sides of the image.

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Version 7.0.987.10608-o
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