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"Easily create HDR images with this graphical editor"
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The product presented here is called AKVIS HDRFactory. AKVIS is the name of the author and HDR stands for high dynamic range. High dynamic range imaging is a set of techniques used in digital photography and imaging. Now, here’s not the place to explain this in detail, but we can say AKVIS HDRFactory is a dedicated application belonging to the graphical editors category, that will create HDR photos by combining multiple images of the same object shot with different exposure values.

Besides its ability to create HDR images, AKVIS HDRFactory also lets you make photo corrections. It features support for common image file formats, including BMP, JPEG and TIFF, and provides you with automatic preset effects that can be applied.

So, if interested in this particular application, consider proceeding to the demo download to evaluate its features and functions in detail.

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Version 4.0.470.10195-o
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Author AKVIS
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