Able Video Snapshot

Able Video Snapshot
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"A dedicated solution to take snapshots from videos"
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Able Video Snapshot

The product presented here is called Able Video Snapshot. A snapshot might be defined as an image snapping a given moment in time especially in the context of Able Video Snapshot. This means that with this application you'll be able to save any frame from a video source file.

Able Video Snapshot features support for video in various formats, including AVI, MPG, MPEG, VOB and WMV.

Using this application is fairly easy and its graphical user interface is clean and simple. Basically you’ll load a video clip which you can preview using the built-in functionality. When reaching the point you’d like to take a snapshot you pause the clip and click the dedicated button. Able Video Snapshot will allow you to perform some editing operations on the resulting images, including colour adjust, contrast, gamma correction, sharpen, rotate, and use filters, among others.

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