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"Group icons into stacks for an efficient taskbar"
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Those among you using a modern Windows operating system know it is possible to have some icons offering shortcuts to often-used programs pinned to the taskbar, so you can easily and quickly launch these. Now, if you really use this functionality, you probably noticed the more items you insert there, the less space is available for the opened application windows. As such, you might be interested in the solution presented here, called 7stacks. This application will enable you to open a menu with up to ten different programs, requiring only one click.

You might know the Microsoft Office applications. Now, that’s one of the best-known examples of programs that easily can be organized as a group. Such a suite often contains several applications suitable for grouping as a submenu item.

So, with 7stacks you can create an icon for that suite and behind it are the shortcuts to the applications it encompasses.

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Version 1.5 Beta 2
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