7-Zip Theme Manager

7-Zip Theme Manager

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"Easy-to-use theme manager and creator for 7-Zip"
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7-Zip Theme Manager

Elsewhere on Winportal we offer 7-Zip as well as its portable version as a separate download, and now we present you 7-Zip Theme Manager.

7-Zip is a renowned archiver for compressing and decompressing ZIP and other archive formats. But, some users are not so fond of its nostalgic appearance. As such, the developer of 7-Zip Theme Manager came up with a solution, offering a utility with handy and stylish features.

With this utility you get themes to change the look of the toolbar and of the archived files. Up to 90 toolbar themes and 22 file type ones are integrated in the program.

This handy tool can be installed automatically or manually in the 7-Zip folder and provides convenient one-click theme activation. Furthermore, themes can be previewed directly into the program and it is possible to create your own theme.

Last but not least, this tool is completely free.

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Version 2.1.7
License Freeware
On Site Since 8/November/2010
Author KillerCookie
Last Update 13/November/2012
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Language English (GB) Italian German
Compatible Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 7