1st Mail Server

1st Mail Server
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"An email server solution suitable for various situations"
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1st Mail Server

The product presented here is called 1st Mail Server. It’s a professional solution for those among you in search for a program to run their own mail server.

1st Mail Server is an SMTP annex POP3 mail server that runs as an unattended Windows NT service, hence it will also function when no user is logged on to the system.

Whether you need a standalone SMTP relay for your laptop or a corporate mail server, this program might serve you. It’s relatively easy to configure as it comes accompanied with a graphical user interface (GUI). Note that you can preview the later as it is depicted in the screenshots of the application posted in the images section of this page.

Any mail client can be used to send email using this server, so if you think this is a product you’d like to evaluate, proceed to the demo download right now.

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