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"Voice and chat communication to play online games without interruptions"
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On the current market of online games, there are magnificent releases that can glue our eyes into the PC´s screen. If you are one of those people addicted to online games, just imagine a messaging application specially designed and oriented to them.

Xfire is a messaging client that has been designed to specially focus its features on online video games. This particular application features the possibility of showing the messages inside the game you are currently playing without having to minimize it and lose concentration.

Whenever you start playing an online game, all your contacts will be alerted about it. They will even know what connection speed and which server you are playing with. Logically, the application will also alert you in case your contacts are playing.

What´s so great about Xfire is that it will not distract you at the time of playing. In fact, you can even join any of the games your contacts are currently playing, with a single click.

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License Freeware
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Author Xfire
Last Update 11/April/2013
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows 7, Windows 2000
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