WLM Tray Patch

WLM Tray Patch

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"Minimize your Windows Live Messenger to the system tray"
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WLM Tray Patch

If you’re a Windows Live Messenger (WLM) user and your operating system is Windows 7, you might have noticed when you minimize your instant messaging (IM) client it docks into the taskbar, taking up a certain amount of space.

Now, with the freeware solution presented here, called WLM Tray Patch, your IM client can now be minimized to the system tray area, showing only a small icon alongside the clock.

So, with WLM Tray Patch you can now have the behaviour for your Windows Live Messenger 2011 just like on the Windows Vista operating system, without the need to run it in the compatibility mode to achieve this behaviour, which caused stability as well as security problems.

Those among you interested in this dedicated patch should initiate the download and execute this free solution to be able to access the WLM icon from the system tray.

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Version 2.1
License Freeware
On Site Since 9/September/2011
Author WLM Tray Patch
Last Update 10/March/2015
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows 7
Requirements NET Framework 2.0, Windows Live Messenger