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"Install a Windows operating system from your USB"
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WinToFlash is a simple utility that can move the installation set-up of your Windows operating systems from a CD or DVD to a USB flash drive. The program is quite easy to use: to start the process you have to unzip and run WinToFlash. Then you will have to follow a step-by step wizard that will tell you when to put in the CD or DVD that contains the set-up of Windows and to plug in your USB flash drive.

There are various reasons that you would use a USB flash drive, instead of using an optical medium. One is that a USB flash drive will usually last longer, it is more durable. Next to that especially office computers don't always have a CD/DVD drive. A USB flash drive is smaller than a CD and you can easily carry it around with you.

WinToFlash also lets you transfer a customized Live CD of Windows to your USB flash drive. This will allow you to run the operating system without installing it. And because you can customize the original Live CD, you can have a large number of applications ready to use.

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