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"A LiveCD toolbox for wireless network specialists"
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Those among you dealing with wireless networks, bluetooth or infrared, consider reading on, as here we present the dedicated freeware product called Wifiway. It’s a LiveCD providing you a toolbox with dedicated utilities for network analysis and security purposes.

It doesn’t require any installation, as it’s an ISO disk image. You simply burn it onto a CD and that will be a bootable disk. So, if your computer is configured to be able to boot from a CD, you’re set and done, ready to use the tools provided.

Among the utilities provided by Wifiway, you’ll find Aircrack, Wepattack, Wireshark and Wlandecrypter, just to name some.

Note that most of these utilities require expert computer and networking skills as they are dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Proceed to the download if you’re interested in this disk image.

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