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"Fight in many battle fields with this war game"
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If you have imagined yourself in the battle fields of a terrible war, then this action game will be perfect to make you experience the closest thing to a heavy war.

WarRock is an exciting multiplayer first-person shooter game designed with outstanding quality to recreate battle fields where you will have to choose to become between one of different types of players: Doctor, soldier, engineer, sniper or heavy weapon specialist.

This online game brings a variety of modes and maps that allow playing matches with up to 32 players. You can equip yourself with heavy or light ammo, fight against other players and form groups during the game.

WarRock is a pretty addictive game; it really brings a great range of features and graphic aspects that can make you a fan of it as soon as you start playing.

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Version 10182011
License Freeware
On Site Since 20/April/2010
Author Nexon
Last Update 28/February/2013
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Millennium, Windows XP
Requirements DirectX