WAMP Server

WAMP Server

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"Pack with the latest from MySQL Database, Apache and PHP"
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WAMP Server

WAMPServer is a complete pack that includes everything you need in order to install and easily configure the latest from Web Apache Server, PHP programming language and MySQL database server, in your computer.

This outstanding pack was previously known as WAMP. A great thing to consider is that this program does not limit itself to only being a pack, as it is capable of installing a light interface you may find on the tasks bar. This interface will enable you to start, manage and stop the varied services in the program.

Just to let you know, with WAMPServer you will have Apache 2.2.6, PHPmyadmin, SQLitemanager, PHP5 and MySQL Database, installed in your PC.

Moreover, one of the advantages of WAMPServer is its installation, as it will modify configuration files (*.conf) with the path where finally the program is going to be located.

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Version 2.0i
License Freeware
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Author WampServer
Last Update 17/December/2014
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Compatible Windows XP