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"Small yet full-featured Bittorrent client to easily share all type of torrents"
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µTorrent is one of the most popular Bittorrent clients on the market. The reason for this P2P file sharing program to be used by thousands of people is its very tiny size, but powerful capacity. That's right, this program will not take as much resources as other P2P applications, allowing you to download a lot of torrents and keep your computer free of lags.

Another good point in the program is the simplicity of use it has been designed with, besides of its speed. It loads itself in just a few seconds, displaying a good looking interface that can be easily followed by any type of user. You will find all the essential features to efficiently download multimedia files, from which we can mention: the network assistant, RSS reader, Feeds, statistics panel, tasks programmer, automatic turn off, advanced options and more. In the lower part of the interface you will see a diversity of tabs, each one showing useful information about the torrents such as availability, downloaded percentage, between others.

µTorrent can perform multiple downloads simultaneously. In case some downloads get interrupted, it uses an effective function to quickly resume files from the point where they got stopped.

This is a reliable and complete Bittorrent client for easily downloading all type of torrents.

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