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"Surf the web overcoming all restrictions in a totally safe way"
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Nowadays, there are many web sites that can be blocked due to security or privacy reasons. However, if you need to access a blocked web site to look for some information, but don´t want to get your system compromised for doing it, now there´s a program specially designed to make it possible.

UltraSurf is an efficient software solution that enables users to surf the web anonymously. In simple words it provides you with the ideal way to surf safely and without restrictions. It can result pretty useful in several situations. For instance, some web browsers may block frequently visited web sites such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Fortunately, with this program you will forget about it.

One of the major advantages of UltraSurf is its compatibility with the two most famous web browsers on the market: Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Just to let you know, the software makes secure and free web navigating possible by using high level of encryption on each of your internet activities, that way third parties will not be able to trace the things you have been doing or checking online. Besides of hidding IP locations and addresses, the program also performs other tasks to keep your privacy safe: cleans browsing history, cookies, between others.

What`s more, UltraSurf does not even require an installation, it can be comfortably run from a USB device, which means that you can carry the software to any place and use it from any computer.

With UltraSurf you can freely surf any web site from any location around the world.

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Version 14.02
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Compatible Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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