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TPV Itactil

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"A tactile POS solution you might be interested in"
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TPV Itactil

The product presented here is called TPV Itactil. The name might sound cryptic, but you surely have seen this system implemented in a restaurant or a bar for instance. You know, when the waiter or waitress comes at your table with a mobile device, taking your order directly with that little machine, or when they go to the counter and use a touch screen for entering your order, just to give some examples.

Well, with TPV Itactil you get such a POS manager those among you actively involved in the retail and hospitality industries might be interested in. POS stands for Point Of Sale, sometimes also called Checkout, and refers to the place a retail action is completed.

If interested in implementing such a tactile solution for your business, you might consider proceeding to the download to find out more details about the features and possibilities this product has to offer.

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