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"Speak with your friends over the internet while playing online"
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TeamSpeak allows voice communication in real time and hosts several user connections that can handle hundreds of users simultaneously. Based over the internet, it works in many types of applications acting as an alternative to conference calls.

This smart voice solution is frequently used to play online games. Its lightweight is an advantage, as it doesn´t take much system resources.

TeamSpeak lets you use different communication channels and executes actions associating them with key combinations for an easier use. The only things you need to have in order to speak are some headphones and a microphone.

The way of using this software is not complicated at all, as you can use the configuration options in order to start a conversation by just speaking, if the voice is too loud or either low you can normalize the voice volume. You can even adjust the input and output audio level.

Once you have used the Server version and created a server at home, you just have to use this client version to get connected and speak with your friends, whom will need to have TeamSpeak installed as well.

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