Street Fighter 3

Street Fighter 3
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"Street Fighter is back with a new version"
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Street Fighter 3

Street Fighter fans among you classic fighting video game fans can rejoice, as here's the new Street Fighter 3 version. Once again you'll be able to play this popular game. Now, in this fighting game there are twelve characters available to pick one from and you'll participate in a “bonus game” after every third match. That will include car, barrel and drum breaking to gain additional points. The question remains whether you'll be able to survive until the end, defeating each of your opponents.

So, as you may know already, each character has its own different skill set and attack techniques. Furthermore, the game scenes come with enough variety so you'll not feel like entering into a routine, as each one has a unique atmosphere, such as the Asian and European continent for instance. Ready to meet or become one of the classic Street Fighter 3 characters or one of the new ones and engage into fighting?

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