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"Realistic and impressing planetarium from your computer"
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Stellarium is a particular software that places you in a point on the Earth and enables you to appreciate the depth of the space.

This great planetarium shows you a very realistic sky in 3D, just as if you were using a telescope or some binoculars. Your will be able to visualize illustrations and asterisms of the constellations. There are constellations for 12 different cultures. With the full Messier catalogue you will even see images of nebulae. Your eyes will enjoy a realistic Milky Way, besides of a realistic sunset, sunrise and atmosphere. The beauty of the planets and all their satellites.

Its catalogue has more than 600,000 stars. You can acquire extra catalogues and get over 210 million stars.

Furthermore, the use of Stellarium is pretty simple, you only need to set the coordinates and start seeing.

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