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"UML/MDA Platform and software modeling tool"
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StarUML is a particular project aiming to provide people with a platform and software modeling tool to develop in a feature-rich, flexible, fast and extensible way. This platform is a great alternative to efficient, but expensive commercial UML tools available on the market.

One of the most outstanding features of the project is the diagram overview, as it lets you see the current advance of your production before you have actually finished it. You can start drawing graphics manually, or else choose one of the templates included in the installation file and modify it to your needs.

StarUML also outstands for being plugin friendly, which means that modelers will have facilities to easily integrate useful third party plugins. It brings a pretty impressive plugin architecture that can be used to develop plugin modules in C++, C#, VB and other COM-compatible languages.

Thanks to its Model Driven Architecture (MDA), StarUML makes users able to perform pretty complex modeling.

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