Softros LAN messenger

Softros LAN messenger

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"Reliable instant messenger for private networks"
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Softros LAN messenger

Communicating with your co-workers is usually something essential to perform your daily job. If you don't need to communicate with colleagues working in branch offices, you might consider using Softros LAN messenger.

Softros LAN messenger is an instant messaging software that is specially designed to be implemented in private or local networks. This application automatically detects computers in the local network that also have this chat client installed, and does not require a server. Its interface is highly customizable, and includes several security enhancements and strong encryption (using the AES algorithm) for incoming and outgoing messages.

Softros LAN messenger supports individual and group chat, you can transfer files to your contacts, and a lot more. Additionally, this program can also be configured to work with WAN and VPN networks.

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Version 4.5.9
License Demonstration
On Site Since 20/July/2012
Author Softros Systems, Inc.
Last Update 6/June/2013
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Millennium, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Home Server, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008