Soft4Boost Video Capture

Soft4Boost Video Capture
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"Capture video from almost any source and save it on your HDD"
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Soft4Boost Video Capture

The product presented here is called Soft4Boost Video Capture. Soft4Boost is the author’s name and here you have a dedicated solution that will facilitate transferring video from various sources, including web cameras, miniDV and even old VHS tapes. You will now be able to get them onto your hard disk drive (HDD) in the MPEG2 or AVI video file formats, ready to create DVDs from them.

So, with Soft4Boost Video Capture you have a fairly versatile video recording solution that can work with a variety of input devices or sources. It furthermore features a straightforward and easy-to-use graphical interface (GUI) which makes this application suitable for anyone, no matter their computer skills.

If interested in getting to know more about its features and functions, consider having a look at the GUI screenshots posted in the images section of this page and proceed to the demo download of this product.

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