Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio

Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio
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"All you need to create covers for your optical media"
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Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio

The product presented here is called Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio. That’s a fairly self-explanatory name for a program published by the author Soft4Boost, aimed at facilitating the creation of everything related to optical media. As such, with this application you’ll be capable of making disc labels that stand out, covers that draw attention, and booklets that mean something.

Soft4Boost Disc Cover Studio is suitable to create covers for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs. It comes with ready-to-use templates and of course it allows you to import your preferred images to use as front and back covers or for the disc surface. It’s a user-friendly application suitable for anyone interested in creating covers and more for their optical media. Proceed to the demo download to evaluate this product in detail right now.

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